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There a lot going on behind the Coakley Middle School. In fact, there is a master recreation plan that Superintendent of Recreation Gerry Miller, oversees. It is an ambitious plan; a plan that will take years to complete. It is also a very thoughtful plan; one that seeks to minimize expense to the town while providing needed recreational facilities for not only the youths, but also for Norwood’s older citizenry.

Latest Articles

2014 Norwood TONY Award Recipient: Lindsey Sheehan

The Norwood TONY (Ten Outstanding Norwood Youths) Awards were initiated over 40 years ago to recognize exceptional Norwood youths in grades 10-12 for their significant contributions that included their time, effort and talent with voluntary contributions to their church, community and other worthy causes. To be eligible, the students must be Norwood residents but can attend schools outside of town.

And the winner is ...

The 2014 Anne T. Lydon Volunteer of the Year award was presented to John Howard on Norwood Day, September 13, for his many contributions to the Town of Norwood. The award was presented by Superintendent of Recreation Gerry Miller who said Mr. Howard was the driving force for getting the Senior Center moved from the recreation building to its current location. This award is given annually at Norwood Day, generally to “someone who does a great job behind the scenes,” Miller said.

Norwood Bank Charitable Foundation Donates $4,000 to Norwood Meals on Wheels

Norwood Bank Vice President Nancy Folan presented a $4,000 donation on behalf of the Norwood Bank Charitable Foundation to Lisa Drummey, Program Director of Norwood Meals on Wheels, Inc. A volunteer appreciation luncheon was held at the Ellis Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for the program’s volunteers in recognition of their time and service.


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