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The Norwood TONY (Ten Outstanding Norwood Youths) Awards were initiated over 40 years ago to recognize exceptional Norwood youths in grades 10-12 for their significant contributions that included their time, effort and talent with voluntary contributions to their church, community and other worthy causes. To be eligible, the students must be Norwood residents but can attend schools outside of town.

Latest Articles

Shannon Gillis - Norwood Hockey

Norwood senior Shannon Gillis spent a lot of time at her aunt and uncle’s house as a child; it was here that she was introduced to the sport of ice hockey. Now, over a decade later, she is one of the cornerstones to the Mustangs defense.
“I started playing might mites all because of my cousin Greg,” Gillis said. “He played hockey and I wanted to be like him. I thought that if I played hockey it would be cool.”

Westwood’s University Station Opening This Month WIll include several new stores, restaurants, and more

by Liz Taurasi

It’s been years in the making, but despite some major roadblocks and delays, University Station in Westwood is finally opening for business in March.
And with it comes some big name stores the area has been waiting for, including Target (set to open March 4, see related story on page 13) and Wegmans, both of which will anchor the complex. University Station, when fully complete, is expected to include approximately 550,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, along with residential apartments and more.


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Michael Carroll
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