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St. Catherine’s Students donate to Norwood Food Pantry

During last month, students from St. Catherine of Siena School in Norwood, MA, brought in food items for the Norwood Food Pantry. Each grade, from Pre-K to Grade 8 took responsibility for a particular kind of food – from canned fruit and vegetables, to coffee, tea and peanut butter. This month-long collection culminated in a Mass of Thanksgiving held at St Catherine of Siena Church and celebrated by Monsignor Paul Garrity. Students brought their contribution of food to the altar for a special blessing before the bags were sent to the food pantry. Middle School students helped the younger children fill the altar with their bags. Children in Miss Parsons, Miss Sullivan and Mrs. Christopher’s Kindergarten class made paper turkeys and cornucopias that lined the front of the large expanse of donations. This year’s event was held in honor of long-time teacher Jane Quinlan who passed away this fall. Mrs. Quinlan was instrumental in coordinating this annual school Christian service project. Donated items were then brought to the Norwood Food Pantry to stock their shelves during a time of year when food availability is at an all-time low. Mrs. Ruth Taeger, Executive Director of the Ecumenical Community Food Pantry of Norwood, showered praises on the children at Saint Catherine’s saying how grateful she was to all of them for their generosity to people that they don’t even know. Special thanks to SCS students, parents, and teachers for their generous response to this year's food drive. Donations this year totaled over a ton of food - nearly 11 pounds of food per child!