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Goodbye Little Y, Hello… ?

Aug 27, 2020 12:22PM ● By Bella Caggiano

When the Big Y took over the Norwood Hannifords location in 2016, many residents were disappointed with the loss of their supermarket. In the four years since it has opened, shoppers have learned to appreciate all the store has to offer, and even cued its name to the “Little Y,” in response to its closest sister store in Walpole. Well, things are about to change and a new nickname may have to be adopted.

Big Y Foods, Inc., recently announced plans of an expansion and renovation to their 434 Walpole St., location. The construction will begin in January, 2021, which unfortunately, will mean the store will be closed for an undeclared amount of time. According to the organization, this investment for the Norwood community will result in a state-of-art shopping experience, and a larger store will allow for expanded offerings, such as freshly tossed pizza, store-made fish and chips, a variety of prepared meals, additional local fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats, natural and organic options and more. 

The additional square footage will also allow for a larger selection of local products which aligns with Big Y’s commitment to discovering new local partners in their region and building up the local economy. The Norwood store will increase by 12,402 square feet, from 42,598 to 55,000. 

As mentioned, the Norwood location will be closed while work in being done not only in the store, but the shopping center and parking lot. During a similar renovation a few years ago, Big Y Foods, Inc. closed its Northampton, MA location. 

Because of its size, the franchase has not been able to showcase all its goods and services as its other stores, mainly due to its size limitations but also its age as this supermarket was built over 50 years ago. The renovations would also include energy efficient cases utilizing LED lighting and variable speed fan motors as well as a myriad of other green building enhancements.

The approximate 115 full and part time employees will be offered positions at neighboring Big Y locations during its temporary closure. Once they reopen, it is estimated that there will be 40 additional jobs to fully staff all departments. 

“Our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our customers and our employees is always paramount along with constantly improving our World Class shopping experience and the availability of local and nutritious products and offerings,”  Big Y president and CEO Charles L. D’Amour said. “We are excited about our long term future as part of the Norwood community. While we regret this disruption, it will also allow for a faster and safer renovation process for employees, customers and construction workers during these times of social distancing and other safety protocols.”

During the renovation process, customers are invited to shop at Big Y’s World Class Market at 1111 Providence Highway, in Walpole.