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Mario’s Quality Roofing, Siding, and WindowsQuality materials, expert craftsmen, and an unwavering pledge to customer service

After one bad experience too many with an unreliable contractor who used shoddy materials, Stephen Goulston founded Mario’s Roofing. 

“I didn’t like the way things were going in this industry,” he says. “I wanted to make a change. I started Mario’s with the philosophy that I wouldn’t do to your house what I wouldn’t do to mine.”

Thus began a fifteen-year quest for the perfect balance of craftsmanship, quality, and affordability. Mario’s Roofing has grown beyond Stoughton to over a dozen local offices servicing Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Mario’s has also garnered several awards, including the Diamond Approval Award from Customer TrackRecord, the CertainTeed Tenured Member and Governor’s Awards , and the Triple Crown Champion Award.

“In all of North America, only eleven roofing companies have achieved Triple Crown status and we are one,” Goulston says. “We’re really proud of that.”

A phone call or a website request for a quote brings a Mario’s Roofing specialist right to your home. They’ll make targeted recommendations, then spend time with the homeowner explaining what they’ve found.

“With roofing, we have a video for the customer to demonstrate every step in the process,” Goulston says. “The key to a good roof is the preparation of the roof and the underlayment beneath the shingles. For the homeowner, it’s the way it looks. For us, it’s the way it performs.”

Goulston stresses continuing education for his teams, regularly inviting experts to teach his staff about the latest developments in techniques and materials. “Our guys are quality experts. Delivering the best to our customers requires we know what the best is. Then to make optimal use of it, we’ve got to know how and when to apply it. That’s where my team comes in. We invest in experts so we can make the right recommendation for a client’s situation.” They’ll even offer help with financing.

That commitment to cutting-edge materials is at the forefront with their siding. While Mario’s offers basic vinyl siding, they also showcase a full selection of the newest and most versatile options, such as Everlast, a triple-composite formula that combines inorganic minerals, polymer reins, and acrylic colorant to create the most durable siding on the market.

“September and October are the best times to work on your house,” Goulston says. “Massachusetts winters can be hard on a home. Your roof needs reliable drainage to protect against ice dams. You need the gutters clear and ready to do the hard work. The siding needs to insulate against the snow and wind. Every part of a well-maintained exterior works together for the entire house’s protection.”

Take windows, for example, which directly impact heating and insulation. Older windows may vent heat in winter or trap too much warmth in the summer. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones is an easy way to enhance a home’s beauty and efficiency.

Mario’s offers a variety of windows, including custom design. Goulston says, “With windows, the installation is the most important part. All our window installers are highly-trained, and our policy is that the person who measures the windows is the person who installs them.”

Window installation involves work on both the inside and outside, and Mario’s will move the furniture and the curtains rather than expecting the homeowner to do it, then set it back in place. Goulston says, “It’s part of doing the job one hundred percent. Our workmanship separates us from everybody else, but over the years, it’s also become a huge part of our reputation that we care.”

Early on, Mario’s adopted the tag line, “We won’t soak you to keep you warm and dry.” They’ve held to that commitment with quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and competitive pricing.

Mario’s website showcases a photo gallery of their best work, as well as before and after pictures with a slider bar so homeowners can visualize their own home’s transformation.

Jobs range from new front doors to re-roofed apartment complexes, or even a single basement window. Goulston says, “A small touch like that is important—not only because it looks good, but for increased security and insulation. Our customers see those details every day, and when it’s all working right, they feel proud of their home.”

To get a quote for your home repairs and upgrades, visit or call (781) 344-2420.

“We won’t soak you to keep you warm and dry”