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Dollars for Scholars is Seeking Donations

Sep 28, 2020 10:05AM ● By Kara Nicole

Due to the current state of our world, most fundraising has come to a standstill, but organizations are still in need of donations now more so than ever. 

The Norwood Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars (NSF Dollars for Scholars) is a publicly supported non-profit organization dedicated to the encouragement, advancement, and support of the students of the Town of Norwood. 

As a local chapter of Scholarship America®, a nationwide nonprofit foundation that supports academic success in our community, the NSF Dollars for Scholars support hometown students by offering assistance to meet the ever-increasing costs of college and graduate school through scholarship awards funded entirely through contributions from Norwood residents.

Since its inception in 1985, NSF Dollars for Scholars has awarded over $1,300,000 in aid money to over 1,100 students from the Town of Norwood. Every year, students apply to receive aid for their post-secondary cultural, vocational, or professional education. The scholarship committee assesses applications and awards scholarships based on the individual’s qualifications. 

Once the students are chosen, they receive an invitation to a banquet in their honor. This banquet is where it is revealed what scholarship the student will be awarded. It is a night to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments and hard work of the scholars. 

To be prepared for this banquet, the scholarship committee usually hosts different fundraisers every year; including hosting a Medium, planning a “Football Tailgate party,” etc. These events raise funds to supplement the cost of the scholarships. However, due to current pubic gathering restrictions, they cannot currently host an event.  In lieu of these constraints, NSF Dollars for Scholars committee members are asking alumni beneficiaries and the Norwood community for their help.

“We are calling past recipient’s and Norwood residents alike to pay it forward by making direct donations this year” committee member Laurie Shea said. 

These contributions, as well as income from invested funds, will be used for the awarding of scholarships to residents of the Town of Norwood. All contributions are tax deductible.

NSF Dollars for Scholars is unique in its fundraising efforts in that all officers and members of the Board of Directors are volunteers. They have no salaries, no rent or payments for utilities. All donations are awarded directly to Norwood students.

As the committee endures the limitations this year and continue with their purpose of encouraging students to seek continuing education, the NSF Dollars for Scholars will remain the entity to which individuals, organizations and businesses can make contributions, bequests and endowments.

All checks can be made out to the Norwood Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars (NSF DRS), and can be mailed to PO Box 112, Norwood, MA 02062.