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Personalized Book Recommendations for Kids

Sep 28, 2020 10:57AM ● By Bella Caggiano

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource that could recommend reading selections based on your kids’ interests, likes, and preferences? The staff at the Morrill Memorial Library can do just that! With some input from your child or a parent or guardian, the librarians can offer ideas and suggestions, from board books to young adult novels.

An adult or child simply fills out the form on the library website to give them a reference of topics, types of books, favorite movies and TV shows, authors or book series, and they will create a personalized list just for them!

This program is aimed from babies and toddlers to teens, 14 and up. Below is a sampling of the questions on the website to get started. Once the form is filled out, an email will respond with their individual list. 

For more information, visit, highlight the ‘Kids’ menu bar, and choose Personalized Book Recommendations for Kids!

Teens (14 and up)

Tweens/Middle Grade (10 - 13)

Independent Readers (ages 6-10)

Beginner Readers (5-7)

Preschoolers (2-5)

Babies and Toddlers (0-2)

What types of books are you looking for? *

Board Books

Picture Books

Easy Readers/Beginning Readers

Short Chapter Books (with illustrations)

Chapter Books (96 - 250 pages)

Longer Chapter Books (250 pages +)

What genres are you interested in? *

Realistic Fiction


Science Fiction


Horror/Spooky Stories

Graphic Novels


Other Nonfiction

Tell us about what your child is interested in and what they like to read about. *

Tell us about any book series or authors your child loves.

Tell us what movies and TV shows your child enjoys.

Tell us if you'd like to avoid any topics or if your child is sensitive to an issue.

Anything else? Let us know any other info that might help us pick the perfect books for your child (grade, reading level, specific types of plots, etc) *