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125th Anniversary Patches For Sale

The Norwood Police Department (NPD) recently announced the release of their commemorative patch celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Norwood Police Department. The NPD was established on May 1, 1896, when special officer Warren Rhodes was appointed Chief of Police and special officer Michael Creed was appointed its first patrolman. The men wore simple silver-colored shields. Embroidered patches did not begin to adorn the sleeves of officers until around 1950 and the first patch was a simple one with the word NORWOOD in an arc above the word POLICE. It had a light blue background with a darker blue lettering and edge, and it was worn on the right upper sleeve of the uniform shirt (not the jacket) through 1970. In 1971, the Department adopted a patch of the shape and design currently worn by officers with the word NORWOOD above the Town Seal, and the word POLICE beneath it. The words and edging were gold and the background was black. For some reason, the patch was moved from the right sleeve to the left, and it was also worn on the left sleeve of all coats and jackets. Around the year 2000, a slight controversy arose in the Town over what color coat Revolutionary War soldier Aaron Guild, depicted in the Town Seal, would have worn. To resolve the issue, the color of the coat in the Town Seal was changed from red to brown, and so new patches depicting the change were issued to officers of the Norwood Policer Department. In 2012, a change in the Department’s uniform code required that the patch be worn on both sleeves of all shirts and outer garments. Where May 1, 2021 is the 125th birthday of Norwood Police Department, the Department has commissioned this commemorative patch. Its shape and general design are that of the current patch, but it has been made in the two shades of blue of the patch worn in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The Town Seal has been replaced with a depiction of that first shield worn by officers 125 years ago. Commemorative patches may be purchased at Police Headquarters for $5 each. Proceeds go to the Norwood Police Association and will be used to fund other initiatives that celebrate the 125th birthday. You can also purchase via PayPal. Please include an additional 50 cents to cover postage and include your address when making payment.
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