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Condolences to Retired Norwood Firefighter

On March 6, Norwood Firefighter John Bellanti was laid to rest after losing a hard fought battle with occupational cancer, less than two years after his retirement.
Local 1631 would like to thank everyone who reached out and showed support to his family and the department. Special thanks to the following: 
Westwood Firefighters Local 1994
Walpole Firefighters IAFF Local 2464
For sending engine companies to cover our station so on duty personnel could attend the wake and funeral, 
Canton MA Fire Department
For sending a ladder company to help fly the flag in front of our station and 
Walpole Firefighters IAFF Local 2464
Foxborough Firefighters Local 2252
Wrentham Fire Department
For flying flags over the procession through their towns.
Norwood Police Department
and all the other departments that made the procession go smoothly along its route and all of John’s friends who joined the procession on motorcycles, in 20 degree weather. Throughout the week 
Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM)
For their coordination