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Reading Rut? Problem Solved!

There are so many books lining the shelves at the Morrill Memorial Library, but sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right story to delve into an enjoyable afternoon of reading. Or maybe the library’s restricted morning browsing hours are not convenient right now. Ready to stretch into different genres?
The librarians at the Morrill Memorial Library have you covered! Their newest service, Browse Bags, might be just the answer! Simply fill out a form and the staff will make selections to your reading preferences. Chances are, their suggestions may be options you have even thought to seek out! 
The books will be packed specifically to your tastes available to pick up curbside. What could be better than a personalized service tailored just for you!
Visit, click on Books & More, and choose Browse Bag. The rest is up to you…and your educated librarian!