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Neck Syndrome: A Casualty Of The Pandemic

Recently we have been seeing an increase in patients complaining of neck and upper back pain with radiation into the elbows and hands. More and more people have been sitting at their computers at their kitchen or dining room table rather than a proper desk and chair. All too often the table height is too high and the chair is too low. Typing or using a mouse causes the trapezius muscle to overwork causing neck and upper back pain. Over use over time causes break down in proper function and irritates the nerves and muscles leading to symptoms. Looking down at a lap top or smart phone may also contribute to these symptoms as putting your head in flexion can put up to 60 lbs of pressure in your spine and over time cause rounded shoulders and poor posture.
Derek G. presented in our office complaining of head, neck and arm pain. Since working from home due to the pandemic, the symptoms have gotten worse. He is now complaining of numbness and tingling into his hands and extreme fatigue in his arms, as well as tension headaches which he never had before. He was started on a traditional program of chiropractic care as well as given exercises to strengthen and support his head and neck.  We reviewed his work station and made recommendations to improve his sitting and smart phone habits as well. Derek is improving as expected and very happy not to have these symptoms on a daily basis.
If you are experiencing these symptoms and would like to get them resolved call The Holistic Center At Bristol Square (508) 660-2722 and make an appointment with Dr. Michael Goldstein or Dr. Rochelle Bien today.