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Planning Norwood’s 150 Year Anniversary

By Donna Lane
Interested in helping plan Norwood’s birthday? The Norwood 150th Committee has been meeting to plan a year-long series of events to celebrate Norwood’s 150th birthday in 2022. They are currently looking for “energized and committed” volunteers to join their team. Their next meeting is Sunday, August 15, at 3 p.m., at the Norwood Senior Center.
There are many reasons to celebrate this great town that is drenched in history and exceptional communal support. This couldn’t be said better than the 150th committee’s mission statement:
• To embrace the rich memories and capture the dreams of a bright future for Norwood’s citizenry...yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
• To engage our families, schools, and businesses in a collaboration of demonstrated and enduring civic pride.
• To celebrate as one unified community Norwood’s rich cultural diversity, unparalleled work ethic, and extraordinary 150 year history as “The Crown Jewel of the Commonwealth.” If you have an idea for a specific event to celebrate Norwood’s 150th birthday ... or if you want contribute to existing events ... or you want to help build Norwood’s legacy for the times to come, they hope you will apply to volunteer for the Norwood 150th Committee! 
The Committee is currently accepting applications for volunteers. Any Town residents interested in helping plan or execute events for the Committee is encouraged to apply. The number of volunteers is limited, so this application is on a first-come first-served basis. As the Committee draws closer to when events are scheduled, volunteer help for specific events will be called for again. More information and an application can be found at
A number of exciting events are already scheduled; they include:
Norwood Day
First Night
A Gala
Veterans’ Celebration & Parkway Concert Orchestra Performance
Heritage Day Picnic
Cultural events to celebrate the Town’s Elementary Schools
Fourth of July festivities
Theatrical Production of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town”
Culture & Arts Festival
International Festival
Veteran’s Day Parade
Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Holiday Stroll
Holiday Concert
First Night End Celebration

The Committee is also accepting proposals from businesses and community organizations that would like funding assistance for their events. Organizations or community groups that are planning a related celebration and would like to submit a proposal are welcome to do so, but because funding is limited, the grant application is also on a first-come first-served basis. 
To qualify for a grant, your event must be independently run and fall under the historical or cultural spheres associated with Norwood or the 150th celebration. If the application fits into the appropriate parameters, it will be reviewed by the Steering Committee. In any case, there is no guarantee of funding.
The Committee will also advertise business and community group run events that celebrate Norwood’s 150th! Groups interested in advertising their Norwood 150th events can apply through the link on the website. Depending on the event, the Committee may require a follow-up for additional information. By applying, your events will be posted on the 150th website and shared via social media. If you are interested in having your event advertised on the 150th’s social media, the link for that application can be found at the end of the survey. 
The Norwood 150th Celebrations Committee is seeking ads for the Norwood 150th Commemorative Birthday Book. Businesses that are interested in placing an advertisement in the book can now apply. Family ads are also being accepted. Whether it’s a full-page or a one-line “friend” ad, those wishing to place an ad may email [email protected], or visit
All applications can be found at If you have questions, contact Chris Welch at [email protected]