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Is NET Right For Me?

Dr. Rochelle Bien & Dr. Michael Goldstein

The Triad of Health is a popular model used today by many professions to describe how a health condition can have structural, biochemical and/or emotional factors.
Stress has a role in each of those factors and can present itself in many ways.
Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is an approach to finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress patterns.  We call these unresolved patterns Neuro Emotional Complexes (NECs).
Emotional responses are naturally ‘hard wired” in the body.  A stimulus happens, we respond, and then the body should return to normal.  Occasionally, however emotional trauma in the presence of a neurological or meridian deficit can cause a physio-pathological pattern in the body.  NET seeks to normalize this pattern by a physiological change, a result of a physical intervention through skin and spinal access to the nervous system via touch.  NET is a tool that can be used to help improve many behavioral and physical conditions.
Debbie was suffering from shoulder and scapula pain that had developed without any trauma for many months. She had tried several medications to help ease her symptoms along with physical therapy and chiropractic intervention but her symptoms had not gone away. She was becoming increasingly frustrated.  Upon our evaluation we determined that she had unresolved issues related to her sisters that she never had mentioned in our consultation.  After working together and identifying the issues related to her sisters, along with some nutritional components her symptoms had slowly and eventually resolved.
If you are suffering from an unresolved health issue and would like to explore NET as a possible solution please call The Holistic Center at Bristol Square at (508)660-2722 and make an appointment with Dr. Michael Goldstein. The Center is located at 1426 Main Street Ste #6 Walpole.