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HELP! My Item is too Large for my Weekly Trash Pickup!

By Michele Taranto
Now that 2021 is over and the long winter is ahead, many homebuyers use this extra time at home to clean out, maybe replace big items they said they would last year, or simply starting off the new year with a clean slate. The problem occurs, however, how to dispose of those large pieces? 
While the streamlined trash removal is both cost effective and simple, there are many things that no matter how you try, they just will not fit. Or, there are regulations on disposals that cannot be included in that weekly trash pickup. There is an answer. 
Norwood residents have the Compost Facility on Winter St. at their ‘disposal,’ FREE of charge! On Saturdays, the site is available to receive those big items, or, curbside pickup is available. See below for instructions for both options.
Winter St. Compost Facility Instructions
Residents must have a yellow Compost Facility Resident Sticker to enter the facility. To obtain a sticker, please bring your vehicle registration to the DPW office Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-3 p.m. There is no cost for the sticker and it does not expire.
The facility is open every Saturday year-round from 8 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Residents are limited to three (3) bulky items per week.
An additional attendant is on-site to monitor the disposal of items.
A dumpster is available for most items. Metals and white goods (appliances) are diverted to a separate area.
Curbside Pickup Instructions
Purchase a sticker ($26 cash only) at the Town Hall payment window (Treasurer’s Office) for each item to be picked up.
• Residents are limited to three (3) bulky items per week.
• White goods (appliances), TV’s, computer monitors and metal items are picked up on Fridays. All other bulky items are picked up on Mondays.
• Contact the DPW (7 a.m-3 p.m., Monday through Friday) at 781-762-1413 to request the pickup. Calls received by noon on Thursday (for Friday›s pickup) or noon on Friday (for Monday›s pickup) will be scheduled for the next pickup day.
• Place the stickered item(s) curbside prior to your scheduled pickup date.
• Condominium complexes ARE NOT eligible for curbside pickup of bulky items.