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Library Education Scholarship

The family of Viola Sastavickas has made donations to the Morrill Memorial Library since 2007 in order to create a scholarship in the amount of $500 per year. In 2020, it was agreed that the scholarship be permanently increased to $1,000 per year. This scholarship is to be awarded annually to a current or former library employee or library volunteer for one of the following purposes: undergraduate or graduate school, a formal course of study, or an enrichment opportunity (continuing education). 

This scholarship has been awarded fifteen times since 2007: (Elizabeth Porter, 2007; Lauren Bailey, 2008; Carolyn Bradley, 2009; Jillian Goss, 2010; Samantha Sherburne, 2011; Odhran O’Carroll, 2012; Laura Hogan, 2013;  Hallie Miller, 2014; Maureen Riordan, 2015;  Chloe Belanger, 2016;  Jyotika Tandan, 2017;  Dina Delic, 2018; Elizabeth Ling, 2019, Tara Bilotta, 2020, and Khushi Shah 2021)   The scholarship will once again be awarded in 2022 thanks to continued generosity by the Sastavickas Family.

Viola Sastavickas was a life-long resident of Norwood and used the library frequently.  According to her daughter Kathy the scholarship is “a fitting tribute to our beautiful mother and to the library and staff who treated her with great respect and affection.”

A brief application form is available on the library’s website, at For more information, contact Clayton Cheever at (781) 769-0200, ext. 8. Applications are due by May 09, 2022, and they must be submitted electronically to the director: [email protected] The scholarship will be awarded by June 31, 2022.