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BCFitness offers a wide range of services to clients with a wide range of abilities

 BCFitness was founded out of necessity, says owner Brian Castellucci, who started the business in April 2020. 

“Due to COVID-19, I was let go from my personal training job at a gym where I had been for 12 years. I started BCF in April 2020 when I realized I had to reinvent myself and in a hurry - I have a wife and two kids (now 3.5 years old and 1.5 years old) - so I reached out to any client I had ever trained and got to work doing virtual sessions,” Castellucci says. 

That summer, when people were able to gather outside, he trained clients on an athletic field seven days a week. When it started to get colder and he had to move inside, he reached out to gym owners and found space to rent.

“Now, two and a half years later, BCF is up and running and growing,” Castellucci says.  

BCFitness specializes in strength training, functional movements, boxing, long distance running, flexibility, endurance and sport-specific training, and also works with high school and collegiate athletes, according to its website  

BCFitness offers individual training, partner and group training, virtual training, and nutrition planning. 

BCFitness staff includes trainers who specialize in mixed martial arts, boxing, CrossFit, rowing, Olympic lifting, yoga and Pilates “which allows BCF the ability to help anyone regardless of their fitness interests and fitness goals.”

BCFitness has clients who are beginners as well as clients who have many years of experience.  

“Anyone who is looking for a good workout, some fitness-related guidance from educated trainers, or if you’re just stuck in your fitness routine and want to change up your regime, BCF is here for that too,” Castellucci says. 

If you’re new to fitness, BCFitness is a great place to start with functional movements, flexibility and core strengthening, and learning proper form for all exercises. After learning those skills, trainers then help clients slowly increase frequency to get the body used to moving and allow the body to heal and recover the way it needs to.

“First we go through the process of addressing any client needs, then we address their wants and begin to help them achieve their fitness goals,” Castellucci says. 

And for the experienced clients, “BCF has trainers on staff who are specialized in their craft. Whatever the client is looking for, we have someone on staff who can help take your fitness to the next level.” Those services and trainers include: 

• Adding boxing into workout routines (Coach Johnny Campbell)

• Training to compete in Olympic lifting (Coach Candy Saunders)

• Improving muscle/strength or losing weight (Coach Brian Castellucci) 

• Taking yoga practice to the next level (Trainer Andree Lerat)

Virtual 1:1 and group sessions 

Virtual 1:1 and group sessions have been very popular during the pandemic and are conducted through whatever format works best for the client including Zoom, FacetimeLive, GoogleMeet, etc. 

“Depending on the client's exercise history, longevity training with BCF, or size of the group, the trainer will instruct the client on exercises while cueing/coaching and motivating them,” Castellucci says. “The coaches might perform the exercises with the client in more of a guided manner, or they may have to explain and educate the client on a new exercise, routine, modification, or adaptation the trainer implements.”

Castellucci says BCF trainers try to educate their clients in the anatomy and kinesiology of their bodies while they are moving them. 

“We believe that, if our clients are educated and invested in what exercises they are doing and why, then they can and will be more successful in their fitness journeys.” 

Nutritional planning 

BCF nutritional planning is tailored and individualized to each client's goals, and sometimes needs.

Castellucci says trainers take “almost everything” into account including a client’s height, weight, gender, body type, basal metabolic rate, and daily caloric intake and expenditure. 

Trainers also determine what types of foods a client should eat, plus when and why to eat them. 

“Then this is all calculated out and a program is written explaining what needs to be done on certain days,” Castellucci says. “Progress is tracked weekly, with weigh-ins and sometimes weekly pictures, to track progress and see body composition changes in case the scale does not move in either direction.” 

Nutritional planning options include a virtual consultation and monthly nutrition plan. 

To schedule a training or nutrition session, or to learn more about BCFitness services and read testimonials, visit where you can also schedule an appointment.