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Great job Officers Marchant and Landry!

On 7/29, my kids and I got stuck with a flat tire in Norwood. I was driving and two cars crashed and one spun and drifted toward my car. I was trying to dodge the collision and turned into a parking lot on the right but hit a curb and got a flat tire. 

Officer Marchant and Officer Landry from Norwood Police Department came and helped to change my flat tire and stayed with me and my two children, 11 and 6.

As a single mom, I was so nervous after avoiding a major accident and got a flat tire in the middle of a place I was not familiar with and was getting dark. 

Since my wheel lock was jammed and could not take off the flat tire, officers called the tow truck and stayed with us till the truck arrived and make sure we are safe. 

Officer Marchant tried really hard to change my tire for me and Officer Landry gave us a ride to a police station till my friend got there to pick us up so we were not stranded in the middle of the street. My kids were very excited and to be in the police cruiser and it made their night. 

I was so relieved these officers went absolutely above and beyond and helped a single mom and two children out of their kindness. 

After my car got fixed, I visited the NPD with donuts to show our appreciation!

I almost got intercepted by Norwood Fire Department to deliver dozens of donuts because they asked for it (joking) but I was glad to dodge that, like the car accident, and was able to deliver our gift to the officers who deserve much more.

Thank you so much for helping us and ease my anxiety and making sure we were all safe!! 


Juri Love