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Addie’s Grocery

 One app. One stop.

That fully-stocked-fridge feeling.

In November, there will be a new grocery pickup service in Norwood.

Are you tired of grocery shopping being just one more errand on a never-ending to-do list? Have you tried a grocery pickup or delivery service only to be disappointed by surprise substitutions or poorly picked produce? If so, Addie’s Grocery can help. 

Addie’s is a grocery pickup service that will open its first location this November in Norwood at 911 Boston Providence Highway (the former Work Out World). 

“Addie’s is on a mission to better serve busy families, to provide the quality groceries families need in a way that is efficient, accurate, affordable, and delightful,” says CEO Jim McQuade, who co-founded the business with Jeremiah Strauss. “We give you back time in your life for what really matters.”

McQuade started the company because of his own busy family. 

He and his wife Kate McQuade both work full-time and have three children. “It is a constant struggle to balance work with parenting. Catching up over a healthy, home-cooked meal is the highlight of our day, but the planning and shopping to make that happen is just so painful. We’ve tried many online grocery options and have been let down at every turn. What should be convenient is often more trouble than it’s worth -- surprise substitutions and out-of-stocks, bruised bananas, expiring milk, limited pickup times -- and this happens because online shopping is a side project for traditional grocers. It’s a thin veneer of technology layered over a supermarket model that was first introduced 100-plus years ago. Imagine what online grocery can be when it’s not an afterthought, but rather our sole focus. That’s what we’re building.”

“Busy families like ours are always on the go. If a meeting runs late or a soccer match goes into overtime, with Addie’s pickup, no problem -- the ice cream stays in the freezer right up until it’s hand-delivered to your trunk. No melting on the porch, no hidden fees, no awkward tipping. That’s true convenience,” says McQuade. “And we have full visibility and control of all inventory, so your family can meal-plan with confidence knowing you’ll get everything you order, every time. If we say an item is available on our shelves, it is available on our shelves. If we’re not proud to bring an apple home to our family, we’re not going to send it home to your family.” 

 McQuade says they chose Norwood because they love the community. “It’s full of busy, on-the-go families who deserve a better grocery pickup option. Norwood’s rolled out the welcome mat for Addie’s, and we couldn’t be more grateful and honored to serve the town.”

He explains the name “Addie’s” is a friendly, timeless name that captures the spirit of the company. “Our North Star is the ‘ease’ we hope to provide to our busy customers. Say our name slowly and you’ll hear a subtle nod to that North Star.”

To learn more and to be one of the first customers to take advantage of this new pickup service, visit to join their waitlist and receive a special offer.


Addie’s Grocery is hiring! 

We are building our team and looking for Store Team Members ($20/hr) and Supervisors ($27/hr). If you’re interested in applying, please visit the Careers link on