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The Benefits of Bettering the World

By Austin Henry, Norwood High School Senior

High school is already an incredibly busy time for most people. Whether you play sports, sing in chorus, or indulge in the arts, your schedule fills up quickly. But do you have some spare time? 

Volunteering is a great use of your time in high school as it can yield a whole variety of personal profit.

One of the biggest benefits is it is an incredibly self-fulfilling opportunity.

 Sathvika Kommera, a rising senior at Norwood High School, and someone who has volunteered everywhere, from  the Norwood Farmer’s Market to teaching kids to play tennis at the Coakley Middle School, described how volunteering makes her feel. 

“It’s amazing because I am doing it for the community and it feels nice to know that I’m helping people out,” Kommera said.

Grant the feeling of doing right by the community that motivates Kommera to motivate you as well. The good feelings that come from these opportunities can help you in other aspects of life, such as a getting your school work done.

The time taken out of your day is almost negated for many people because volunteering strikes a match in a person, and once that flame is ignited, so much more can be done. Once you have harnessed this motivation, you may find volunteering leads to many opportunities to better yourself and your community. 

There is really something for everyone, if you’re into lifting things, you can volunteer at a furniture bank, or if you like sports, you can volunteer to help teach kids. 

At Norwood High School, just one day over the weekend can enhance relationships or provide an options to help others.

“Service Saturdays with Student Council are a great way to spend some time with your classmates and get to know them better,” 2023 Class president at Norwood High School John Cavanaugh said.

To sign up for a Service Sunday with student council at Norwood High School, you can seek out a resource officer (every grade at the high school has student officers which consist of the class president, secretary, vice president, etc.).

Your future education is an added benefit of volunteering as a highschooler.

“Colleges love to see students with some volunteering under their belt,” Cavanaugh said.
“I’d say volunteering is pretty fulfilling, but knowing that colleges like it too certainly helps”. 

Volunteering is incredibly important and something that college keep a sharp eye out for, because every college desires students who show kindness, compassion,  and a will to better the world around them. The selfless nature of volunteering is a perfect canvas to display yourself to a college. It should also be noted that volunteering is a great way to appeal to various scholarships. 

So with all of this said, if you’re in high school, get involved! You never know what will come from volunteering. 

Volunteering is simply oozing with opportunities because of the people you meet. 

For example, I got the opportunity to write this very article through someone I met while volunteering for the Farmers Market.

If you’re someone who is not in high school, getting involved in volunteering is just as important. Organizations always need volunteers!!!  

So let’s work together, and make a difference!