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Norwood Elves to the Rescue

By Michele Taranto
What do you do in Norwood if you need help? Just ask! That is what Norwood Healthcare Director Madeline Crowley did for a second year to give her residents a Happy Holiday. 
In late November, Crowley posted a Facebook request to the Norwood community to help make Christmas a little brighter at her nursing/rehab community. In true Norwood fashion, the response was virtually impressive and immediate. Kandi Finch took the helm, and was soon joined by Susan Clare and Sue Marshalsea. 
“It was a slow start getting people organized, but once done, everything went very smoothly,” Finch said. “Donations started pouring in almost immediately. We also asked for decorations and wrapping paper which were not on Madeline’s list.”
As this generous trio began coordination efforts, over 40 Norwood elves jumped in with gift donations. But as most may know, for Norwoodians, more is always better! In addition to offering presents, volunteers suggested hosting a bingo game, singing carols, and decorating Norwood Healthcare. Scout troops jumped in and made cards, sun catchers, and glass snowflakes, and helped wrap the many gifts.
“They [residents] are so happy,” Crowley said. “Every common room was decorated with new trees and decorations. It’s a really nice thing they did.”
Many of her clients have little or no family so there is not much opening of presents around the holidays. According to Crowley, through the generous efforts of all the volunteers, approximately 125 residents will receive gifts, ranging from pajamas, bedding, toiletries, puzzles, and games. 
“My goal is for everyone to have a new pillow and blanket on their bed this year,” Crowley said.
That objective was met and then some. Over 40 families answered the Christmas call this year. In addition, Marshalsea personally put together 150 candy gift bags for the residents and the staff. 
“This year I reached out a little earlier this year and was really blessed,” Crowley said.