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A View from the Hill A Fresh Start in 2023

Photo by Engin Akyurt,

By Austin Henry

The New Year is a big time for many people. It is a symbol of a new beginning, and many Norwood High School (NHS) students are going to take this chance to improve themselves as people and become better members of society. 
Senior Jack Mulvey said that his plan is to get “stronger,” not just physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
This is a common feeling that a lot of us highschoolers share. We are in such a transitional time in our lives that always improving becomes a must. I know personally I share this sentiment in that being so young I always feel that there is so much room to improve.
Working on oneself seems to be a common theme for many highschoolers going into the new year, such as junior Gabby Moreno.
“For me, I just want to focus more on myself and put all my troubles in the past and not worry about what I can’t control,” Moreno said. 
The reality as a high schooler that you cannot control everything and cannot help everything becomes a sobering reality. It’s one I have personally struggled with and I’m sure many others can share this sentiment. 
A big part of working on oneself is indulging in what you love. 
“I am going to work on more of my artwork,” sophomore Noura Doujaiji said of her New Year’s resolution. “I have not been doing it much lately because I have been so stressed out with things. I want to start doing more of it to get better at it and also for me to heal more mentally”.
I think many people underestimate just how stressful it can be to be a highschooler. As Moreno stated, I myself often find it difficult to “do what I want to do and not worry about anything or anyone”. In high school, we are all searching for a passion, but plainly put, it can be hard to find the appropriate time to do as such, especially with many high school students having to work.
Senior Tyler Lovell relates to this well with his simple yet poignant New Years’ resolution.
“Spend less and save more,” Lovell said. “A lot of “things on top of gas add up to a crazy amount and really make a dent in my wallet.” 
Tyler is not alone with financial pressures as sophomore Brendan Fitzsimmons’ New Years’ resolution is also economically motivated. 
“I need a job because I need money,” Fitzsimmons said.
Overall, there will be much improvement coming from the students of the school at the top of the hill throughout 2023.