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Pennies are Money By Michele Taranto

Pennies are money. It’s a vintage term, but still holds true today. The accumulation of thousands of pennies from a Norwood school demonstrates the power of the penny, all thanks to some generous students and school staff who understand that a little adds up to a lot.
The Penny War began with an idea from Brendan, a student at the May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders. He wanted to raise money for a charity, and while discussing the idea with Class 7 Teacher Matthew Soares, they both discovered they loved animals so an animal charity seemed the perfect fit. They found the Bay State Animal Cooperative, a Norwood-based, non-profit group, Brendan more about the organization’s their non-kill philosophies and  specialization in foster care and adoptions, and became more excited.
Now, how to raise the money for the organization?
Soares remembered the Penny War while teaching in Brockton as a fun and exciting way to get kids excited in fundraising. They also through in a twist, however. There would be three winners; if a classroom won any of the top three slots, they could pick an administrator to ‘pie.’ If an administration office placed in the top three, they could choose a teacher to ‘pie.’ As very good sports, there was not a shortage of teachers or administrators who volunteered as ‘pie’ people.  
The event took place throughout the month of October, with standings updated each Monday morning.
1st Place: Operations Department-they pied teaching assistant Jonathan
2nd Place: Class 11-they pied Director of the Norwood School Andrea
3rd Place: Class 7-they pied member of the Family Services Department Jeanine
Through the generosity, compassion, and efforts of Soares, Brendan, and the entire May School student body, faculty, and staff, the 2022 October Penny War raised $467 for the Bay State Animal Cooperative!
An idea, a passion, a cause. It all started with a penny.