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Reflecting on the Wonderful Women of Norwood

By Karen DeNapoli, Laurie Kearney, Linda Rau, Norwood Historical Society
During this past year, it has been our privilege to learn about and bring forth these stories of the Wonderful Women in Norwood’s history. Many of the women we have highlighted were born into wealthy families and were daughters of industrialists, were college educated, and were not expected to work, or were married to men of great wealth and position. We were able to access and compile information on these women mainly through the accomplishments of their fathers or husbands. A few of these Wonderful Women were immigrants or daughters of immigrants that embraced their new country, and through different circumstances, used their talents to contribute to their new community.
We cannot forget the many nameless women who stepped out of their traditional roles to support their families during the absence of husbands and fathers because of war or sickness, the women who defended our country in the armed forces, and the health care workers who fought the deadly epidemic in 1918.
We owe a debt of gratitude to all the women in history for their sacrifices, their loyalty, and their hard work. Our lives have been made easier by them.
A list of the Wonderful Women highlighted in 2022: Anna Smith Day; Anna Tanneyhill; Clara Berwick; Anna Groote; Anna Ellis; Harriet Rogers; Gertrude Tanneyhill; Maude Shattuck; Mary Fogg; Emily Curtis Fisher; Agnes Curtin; & Martha Robie Winslow. If you missed any of these interesting article, they an be viewed at the Norwood Historical Society website at or in the Local Town Pages paper archive at Feel free to share these stories with anyone interested!
Thanks to Cashman Kerr Prince and George Curtis for their research and assistance in developing these stories.