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Modern Eyes – Advanced, Efficient Eye Care Close to Home

“While most people have heard that eyes are the window to the soul, not everyone knows that they also mirror what’s going on with the rest of the body. It’s amazing what your eyes can tell about your overall health.”
Clearly, Graham Stetson, OD, MS, co-owner and optometrist at the newly-opened Modern Eyes practice in the heart of Norwood (696 Washington Street), loves what he does. “It’s challenging and different every day, and can really make an impact on people’s lives,” says Stetson. “What is amazing about eye care is that pretty much any systemic condition and any systemic medication can affect the eyes. This makes frequent eye health monitoring, not just vision correction, crucial for patients.”


Dr. Stetson makes it his priority to bring the latest, most comprehensive eyecare technology to the neighborhood, streamlining the communication process for patients and all their healthcare providers. “Our whole philosophy is to provide comprehensive medical eye care in a setting that feels like a small-town office, but also delivers that care in an efficient, modern way,” says Stetson. 
As the name suggests, Modern Eyes employs innovative equipment and software to collect more data in a shorter period of time than many other eyecare practices. “The seamless integration of the diagnostic technology with medical records really saves time,” he says, “This equipment allows us to capture more comprehensive information and provide better, in-depth eyecare–and all more efficiently for patients, whose modern lives are busier than ever.”
Actually, these tests can also help diagnose and monitor non-eye conditions. “It’s the only way you can see the state of blood vessels and nerve tissue first-hand, without performing an invasive procedure,” says Dr. Stetson. “The diagnostic data is able to reveal hidden conditions that can literally save a patient’s vision or, in some cases, their life. For example, we have a 3D imaging machine that can map blood flow in the eyes, which is very important in a lot of different eye conditions, including glaucoma and macular degeneration. It is also vital for managing diabetes, which can be both sight- and life-threatening.” In addition, this diagnostic information can be shared with the patient’s primary care physician or other providers to help better manage their overall health. “On the other hand, the human side of medicine is still very much needed, and a physical examination of patients is irreplaceable. Machines can see things that our eyes cannot detect, but there are always fine details that the human eye can see that computers cannot,” says Dr. Stetson. “Both are needed to ensure that our patients receive the best care.”
After 15 years serving patients as an optician, Dr. Stetson trained at the at the New England College of Optometry, where he received a doctorate in optometry and a master’s degree in dry eye and ocular surface disease. He went on to complete his Ocular Disease residency at Boston Veteran's Affairs Medical Center, Brockton Division, which greatly influenced his commitment to efficient patient care and communication. “The way that the VA healthcare system is, everything is integrated; you’ve got your specialists and PCPs – all the data is shared to provide the best 360-degree care for people with complicated conditions,” says Stetson. 
“One of the things I take very seriously and pride myself on is patient education. I want patients to be informed on what exactly is going on with their eyes and what different conditions mean for their ocular and systemic health,” emphasizes Dr. Stetson. “My goal is to maximize each patient’s visual potential and maintain their eye health, whether they are 5 or 125.”
The friendly and knowledgeable Modern Eyes team also includes co-founder, Christina Stetson, MBA, who provides marketing and strategic support; practice coordinator Adamarie Carrasquillo, who brings her extensive medical knowledge and organizational skills to the office; and experienced optician Eliutt De Jesus, RDO, who ensures patients receive the best lenses, fit, style, and service on the eyewear that they choose.
Dr. Stetson moved to Norwood six years ago with his wife, Christina, to care for his grandparents. He’s happy to call the area home. “Norwood is a special place. It’s amazing how many people are involved in the community here, and we want to be a part of that.”
Modern Eyes is located at 696 Washington Street in Norwood. For more information, visit Reach out for an appointment at (781) 352-4849 or [email protected]