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Boston Mobile Tire comes to you


By Marjorie Turner Hollman
Boston Mobile Tire has introduced Mobile Tire Service to the area. It’s about time. Owner/operator Jay Condrick said, “We are based in Norwood and will go almost anywhere inside Rt. 495. We offer next-day service for new tire installation at your home or business. We install tires you already have, like winter tires for example, and even offer seasonal storage if you’re out of space. We can repair a tire as well but this is not roadside service for when you are stuck on the road with a flat. Keep your AAA membership for that.”
Windshield replacement services bring a new windshield to you on-site. Using the same concept, Condrick brings the right tires for your vehicle to your driveway or place of business and does the balancing and mounting right there.
Getting started is simple. “Our website lets you designate the make and model and anything else needed to specify the tires your vehicle requires. Or call us for expert unbiased advice. Order your tires online. Use our online scheduling tool to set up an appointment that’s convenient for you. We will take care of the rest,” Condrick said.
The company went into business in the spring of 2020, just when Covid hit. Condrick reflected on that time. “Instead of being a problem for our business, I was able to go to my customers while people weren’t going much of anywhere and didn’t want to go out to get their cars serviced. Now, lots of people work from home. I can come by, replace your tires, and you can continue to work. I like to joke that we work from home too…yours.”
In the past, just a handful of different sizes of tires fit every passenger car, but today hundreds of tire options exist for the multiple types of cars on the road. “Tire stores can’t carry every tire in stock,” Condrick explained. “We have four warehouses in different locations in the Boston area where we can get tires for next-day service. We have no inventory we are trying to get rid of, so we can help you figure out what you need, and that’s what you get. No inventory and no real estate rent or mortgage to cover means our prices are comparable to both online and local tire stores.”
Condrick pointed out that in most garages the person balancing and installing tires is entry level. “That’s not us—it’s all we do. You get expert level mounting and balancing of your tires. Our clientele skews high performance and higher end, but we will take care of any car that needs tires.” He added, “Some of our best customers are regular people with regular cars who appreciate the convenient service. They just want good, safe tires installed by people who take the time to understand how and where the vehicle will be used before suggesting a tire option.” 
So how does he mount and balance tires out of his truck? “We have top of the line Corghi touchless installation and balancing equipment in our van that allows us to get tires balanced and mounted on your car with no scratches or damage.” Condrick continued, “We can do low-profile tires, Runflat tires, Tesla, Porsches, passenger cars, SUV’s and light trucks or vans. A lot of our business is servicing fleets of Amazon vans —we can take care of 10-20 tires at a time for fleet vehicles so they don’t have to go out of service.”
The concept of on-site tire installation is not new, but many attempts to offer this service have failed. Tire companies have typically been the ones offering the service, but they offer just their brand of tire. Condrick explained, “Our difference is that we provide any type of tire. What you order online can get delivered to your house or to me. If the tires are delivered to me I will bring them out and install them. If you already have them at your house and need them balanced and mounted, that’s great. We can take care of you. It’s what we do.”
Condrick said, “In the end, it’s about time. That’s our tag line, and you can take that several ways. It’s about your time and how you choose to spend it. It can also mean that it’s about time you did something for yourself to make life a little easier. It’s also about time that I did this. I had never been an entrepreneur but now I wish I had started this sooner. I love what I do, and know that we are filling a need.”
Rather than doing everything online, would you prefer to have someone talk you through the process? Give Jay a call. Whatever works best for you, he will get your new tires balanced and mounted and you can to stay at your home or office. One less appointment for you.
Boston Mobile Tire is waiting for your call (or your request on line).To learn more or schedule a service call, head over to or give Jay a call at 781-571-3065.