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Chronic Sinusitis–A Holistic Approach

Dr. Rochelle Bien & Dr. Michael Goldstein

Chronic Sinusitis is long lasting sinus inflammation and often re-curing infection. It can linger over a period of time usually longer than 12 weeks. Acute Sinusitis typically lasts only a few days and can recur several times per year. Causes of Chronic Sinusitis may include blocked airways from asthma and or allergies, infections which can be bacterial, viral, or fungal, abnormal nose structures such as deviated septum, or polyps and a weak immune system. Symptoms may include tenderness or pressure in the face, post nasal drip, nasal discharge, toothache, ear pain and or headaches.
Michael R presented to our office complaining of chronic headaches and pain in his face. He had been suffering for over 5 years with no relief. Several courses of antibiotics and pain meds just wasn’t relieving his symptoms. Michael had a CT scan which diagnosed him with Chronic Sinusitis. Medical options weren’t working and so he sought out a holistic approach.
Upon exam it was determined that Michael had a severe fungal infection in his sinuses as well as pinched nerves (Chiropractic subluxations) in his neck which were contributing to his headaches. After undergoing Chiropractic adjustments, a change in diet to reduce inflammation in his sinuses and a course of homeopathy and supplements to remove the fungal infection and rebuild his immune system Michael significantly improved and no longer has these symptoms.
If you are suffering from similar symptoms and are looking to get relief CALL THE HOLISTIC CENTER AT BRISTOL SQUARE (508)660-2722 and make your appointment today. We are located at 1426 Main Street Ste #6, Walpole.
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