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A View from the Hill It’s Prom Time!

By Austin Henry, Norwood High School Senior

High school proms, an event that most people never forget. An event fueled by everything from excitement to chaos. It’s the time of year when 12th grade students finally get a chance to celebrate their upcoming transition into adulthood and reminisce about their high school memories.
Norwood High school seniors are excited, and for good reason too!
Senior Norwood High School student and Class President John Cavanaugh said he is excited to “spend time with all my friends and everyone at school.” 
For the seniors, this is their last hurrah so it makes the perfect opportunity to get their last laughs in before they move on. There is a reality to the end of a senior year that hits many students, and that reality is that the people whom they have shared halls and lunch rooms with, will all be going out and exploring the world. 
Prepping for one of the biggest nights of your life is never easy! Although it is not impossible, many students wishing to wear a suit find much ease in the suit finding process as they rent tuxes or even have suits tailored specifically for them.
Many students wishing to wear dresses on the other hand have a bit harder of a time, as it is a more daunting task to find the ‘perfect’ dress. 
Senior Maria was lucky as she said the dress hunt was pretty exciting. 
“I did not have a problem finding a dress this year, thank God!” Maria said. “The dress I am wearing was the first one I tried on, although I did try on another six or seven.”
Another major stressor for anyone attending prom is who they are going with. Many students have trouble asking or even finding the perfect date.
While Cavanaugh has a partner for the big night, going alone is always an option.
“I’m going with a date from Ursuline,” Cavanaugh said. “I think it’s certainly nice to have a date but people go every year and have a great time without one so I can see why it’s not such a big deal. I would encourage anyone to go even if they don’t have a date.”  
Prom day will start with any students who are attending being present in school for a half day. From there, attendants will be free to prepare until 5:30 p.m. where they will meet at the town common to take pictures and socialize; a favored Norwood tradition! The buses to the prom will leave at 6:30 p.m. and the seniors will be off to Lake Pearl, in Waltham to enjoy their big night!
Seniors’ night do not have to end when they return home from Lake Pearl! All seniors and their dates are invited to a Post Prom event at Norwood High School. Attendance of this event is highly encouraged as it is another chance to extend a fabulous night!
Many seniors are very excited for Post Prom with one Senior Niko Faller saying 
“Honestly I’m most excited for post prom,” Norwood senior Niko Faller said. “It’s gonna be much more fun than real prom. Prom is pretty formal and people are really reserved in the beginning, but by post prom people are having fun and there’s more things to do.”
All in all, the seniors are in for an incredibly fun night!