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Senior Steps

By Michele Taranto
Newport Playhouse Trip
Tuesday, June 13
 $139.00 per person
Bloom Tours will be taking Norwood seniors to the Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant to enjoy a show and lunch. 
For more information, call 781-762-1201, or stop by the Senior Center, 275 Prospect St.
June 16
Monthly Ballroom Dance 
Norwood Senior Center, 275 Prospect St.
7-10 p.m.
The Friends of the Norwood Council on Aging will be sponsoring the June monthly dance, with music by Dave Valerio. Cost is $12 per person and includes coffee, tea, desserts, and water. There will also be door prizes! Newcomers welcome. For more information on the Friends of the Norwood Council on Aging, visit their Facebook page.
The  Boston Duck Tours Trip
Tuesday, June 27
$123 per person
 Hop aboard Boston’s Original and World Famous, Boston Duck Tours and enjoy a fully narrated, historic tour of Boston in a WWII style amphibious vehicle that travels on land  and water. Enjoy lunch afterward at Venezia. 
For more information, call 781-762-1201, or stop by the Senior Center, 275 Prospect St.
Norwood Memory Cafe Inc.
Thursday, June 22
Norwood Senior Center, 275 Prospect St.
1:30-2:30 p.m.
The Norwood Memory Café is a monthly social gathering with caregivers and their loved ones who are living with memory changes. The group meets the third Thursday of every month. Drop-in ok. For more information, contact Jean Cotton, MS, Gerontology, C.D.P., at [email protected] or call: 781-762-1611.
SNAP Update
For those receiving SNAP benefits, Governor Healey has reinstated some of the COVID benefits for the next three months to help ease the transition of losing COVID SNAP benefits. Recipients should have received additional funds on April 7, and May 2, and will receive an additional deposit on June 2.
Norwood Anti Scam Task Force Tips
Protect data on your cell phone:
Protect Yourself From Shoulder Surfing. When you unlock your phone or are opening applications that you have to enter a username and password, be aware of your surroundings. The term shoulder surfing is when someone is close by and watching you enter your passcode and/or username and password and then steals your phone and is able to get into your personal accounts. Always close out of applications when you are done using them and don’t store your username and password in the application.
Have You Heard Of Juice Jacking? The FBI has advised people against using public cell phone charging stations due to “Juice Jacking.” When charging your phone in a public charging station or USB port in an airport, train station etc., you risk the chance of having malware added to your phone and your personal information can be stolen.
Hessco Nutritionist at the COA
Looking for advice on healthy eating and recipes? Maybe have questions on diabetes, heart disease, or any other nutritional advice? Come meet with nutritionist, Kelsey, at her new monthly office hours at the Norwood Senior Center. Call for a FREE 30 minute appointment. Appointments offered between 1:30 and 3 p.m. Call to schedule your appointment at 781-762-1201, ext. 5.
June 5
Mental Health Workshop: Serving Yourself While Serving Others
Morrill Memorial Library
6:30 p.m.
The Morrill Memorial Library is partnering with the Norwood Health Department to bring psychologist, Dr. Ebony Butler for this mental health and self-care workshop. Are you a caregiver, in a service role, or feeling the strain of caring for others? Dr. Ebony Butler will provide psychoeducation and useful tips to improve mental health and self-care, especially for those who serve others. It is not uncommon for your own mental health to be neglected when you’re serving others. But, during this time, it is imperative that we take a break and prioritize our own mental health and self-care. Let’s talk about how to do that! To register, visit, or call 781-769-0200.
Hacks To Make Every Day Life Easier For Seniors:
Instead of trying to reach the back of the refrigerator, try using a lazy Susan so you can rotate it to get to everything!
For those with eye problems, try using raised stickers on frequently used buttons on the remote.

Round off rough edges of furniture with corner guards. You could find them in the children’s section of a store!
If it is difficult to wrap you had around a glass, try putting rubber bands around them for a better grip.