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Art Walk Continues in Norwood

By Michele Taranto

In May. Norwood Art Walk brought the gift of artistry to Norwood with displays of original art by local artists to downtown Norwood, and later at the Norwood Space Center. Coordinator, Norwood Cultural Council member, and fellow artist, Marypaz is excited about the newfound interest in artistry in Norwood and has organized another opportunity for local photographer Jonathan Cardoni with his own private show.


“The exhibit of Jonathan Cardoni’s striking photographs is part of my effort to give artists opportunities to display their work to the public and to involve local businesses, and is a continuation of work I have been doing through my dba Norwood Art Walk,” marypaz said.


The official opening will be held at a free reception on Friday, Sept. 15, 5-8 p.m., at Tax Solutions, 642 Washington St., Norwood, in downtown Norwood.  His works will remain on display through Nov. 12.

Tax Solutions owner Susana Murphy hosted a budding artist in Art Walk and was enthused to offer her business again as a art vessel.

“Susana is a passionate supporter of artists and is an advocate for the Arts,” marypaz said.

Cardoni participated in Norwood Art Walk in the spring at the Space Center and embraced the opportunity to show his fabulous photos at a formal show, and in fact, his first solo art show. Any items on display can be purchased with an option to order prints as well.

“I have a few interests with regards to subject matter,” Cardoni said. “Most of this show focuses on black and white images as well as a few color pieces of places and objects we see each day. I add a unique look or perspective that may help people view things differently.”

Marypaz and Murphy intend on continuing a partnership to expose the arts, and more specifically, local artists to Norwood residents through these private receptions and displays.

“I plan on continuing to work with Susana and booking more artists because artists need a showcase and Norwood would benefit from ongoing exhibits and cultural displays,” marypaz said. It all fits in with my work as a Board member of the Norwood Cultural Council, but it is an independent venture of my own. In the long run, I hope to find additional businesses who would like to participate, in all areas of the town, thus giving artists more places to display their works, the viewing public more opportunities to see art, and business owners more foot traffic in their stores. 

Cardoni, is proud to be the inaugural artist featured in this new artistic platform in town and sure to enhance Norwood’s reputation as not only a diverse restaurant community but an artistic one.

“Art should be accessible to all,” Cardoni said. “Artwalk is helping present more artists in more places. I am privileged to have been asked to be among the first artists presented by Art Walk.”