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Leashrly Life- 5-Star Staff Delivering 5-Star Service for You and Your Pets

By Angela Weicherding-Fitton 

In 2006, Angela Wilcox had a dream of starting a pet care business. That dream became a reality, and she became a one-woman-show, walking every dog that came to her, sitting for every dog or cat whose owner needed somewhere safe for their pet to go. This was the beginning of Leashrly Life. Twenty-seven employees later, Angela’s dream is still growing.

Leashrly Life is a full service pet care establishment, with the ability to allow customers to book appointments, pay, request a meeting or cancel an existing appointment (generally with 48 hours notice) all online.

Most popular of the services provided by Leashrly Life are dog walking and pet sitting. There is also basic obedience training available, and a number of clients are strictly cat owners. In addition, they care for smaller animals such as fish, birds, hamsters or rabbits. For dog walking, a majority of the clients have ongoing, regular appointments, most frequently between 11:00 am and 2:00pm. But, there are definitely one-off dog walks, so if you have an emergency, need to work late or need someone quickly, don’t hesitate to reach out and Leashrly Life will find someone to take care of your pet.

“We treat all the animals like family, because we know that to their owners, they are family.”

Wilcox takes great pride in all of her employees, as well as Leashrly Life’s stellar customer service. She offers free meet and greet sessions to be sure that every pet in her care is paired with the right sitter or walker. The meet and greet is a key meeting for both client and walker.

Typically, walkers are accompanied by a member of the administrative team to collect important information about the pet and its routine and to allow the animals a chance to get to know its walker. Once a connection is made, the animal and its caregiver see each other on a regular basis, but if there is a need for a backup, Leashrly Life makes sure they are as good a fit as the regular caregiver.

Insured and Bonded, all clients and pets are protected under the care of Leashrly Life. Wilcox states that her administrative team are key people in the success of the business. “Each team member is chosen very carefully. They need to be responsible, reliable, love animals and be a good fit with the others on staff.” She emphasizes that she has a really exceptional team of people.

A majority of the employees at Leashrly Life are from an older demographic. Some of them are even retired. One employee in particular sticks out from the crowd. “Marilyn is one of the most popular and busy members of the team. She is 80 years old and absolutely wonderful. Clients will book her up to a year in advance if they know they’re going on vacation or will be away from their pet.” Like all of her employees, Marilyn goes above and beyond.

Leashrly Life has been around for a long time. They know what they’re doing, they’re convenient, affordable and flexible, all the things you’re looking for in someone who will be caring for a member of the family. “People love our sitters and walkers,” Wilcox states. “Our customers know their babies will be with someone who really cares.”

“It is imperative for pet owners to know that we get it. We cover all the bases-how to properly access the home, who to contact in case of emergencies, each pet’s routine and schedule, food allergies, medication and more. We make sure all the logistics are taken care of.”

Leashrly Life is always on the lookout for new team members. Growing and expanding is part of what makes it a premier place for people to go. “Retirees make some of the best team members. People who think they can’t do dog walking or pet sitting in their own home can always consider taking care of the smaller animals who also need to be fed and played with in clients’ homes. There ARE opportunities for them at Leashrly Life,” says Wilcox.

If you’re looking for a pet sitter or walker, or a job doing something you love, please visit the website at or call (781) 241-2083.