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BSAC Pet Corner

Meet Oliver

Can you give Oliver a new home to start 2024? 

Oliver (Ollie) is almost 7 and has a black nose. Oliver could probably live with other cats but we do not know his dog preference as he has not been exposed to dogs.

Ollie is a lover, loves attention and will intervene if other cats are getting attention. Though this behavior will take a while to develop.

Oliver (Ollie) is shy with strangers but is a lover (he will usually hide when he hears a strange voice). However, once Ollie knows you, he will want to sit near you and cuddle.

Young children would be hard for Ollie to handle as he might be afraid of loud noises and quick movements. We think older children would be fine.

Up to date on all shots and I have all medical records.

Earl update

(still available for adoption)  

For those of you following our pets, Earl was surrendered to us a few months back with his housemate Oliver. Both are stunning white and black shorthaired kitties.
Earl was surrendered with a heart condition. After months of waiting for a cardiology appointment, he finally was seen at Angell.
It was great news! His exam, history, and echocardiogram were unremarkable. Which basically means, no advanced heart disease was noted and he is not in any cardiac distress at this time. His prognosis seems pretty good though he will remain on heart medication for maintenance and see a cardiologist every 6 months for check ups.
Earl resides in an amazing foster home. He could always be adopted to that special person who would continue his heart health care. We realize that is a big ask and want our followers to know he’s safe with us for his entire life.

Not able to adopt but want to help? Earl’s medical care is expensive. The exam and echocardiogram cost us $675. We expect this expense every 6 months. His medication is not crazy expensive but has to be available lifelong. Over time Earls heart may require a lot more medical care so please consider any donation towards this guy’s forever care!

We appreciate you and Earl appreciates Bay State Animal Cooperative. Let’s continue to work cooperatively for kitties just like Earl.

Happy New Year to you all!