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Riding into the Future

By Bella Caggiano

The push for electric vehicles continues to be on the rise, however, two big questions erupt when considering converting from combustion engines: price and available current. With Norwood having their own electric company, it should come as no surprise the Town and its geographical location is able to assist residents in both areas. 

In partnership with ENEConserve, Norwood Light Broadband (NLB) have a developed a website called Norwood Drives Electric (, an outreach program and a roadmap to purchasing and energizing an electric vehicle. This resource covers everything from information on the benefits of driving electric, available vehicle and charging rebates and incentives, as well as grants, a buying guide, charging basics, and the ins and outs of charging levels and the differences in home and commercial charging.

The Town of Norwood currently offers four public charging stations: the Norwood Post Office parking lot, the parking lot between Norwood Town Hall and Norwood Printing, the Norwood Airport on Access Rd., and at the Norwood Light Department, at 136 Access Rd. According to Norwood Light Broadband, the Town’s four charging stations average approximately six sessions per day, which translates into a driver plugging in their vehicle. Over the past year, the stations have experienced a total of 2,350 sessions. a home but is very slow; Level 2, 240 volts, is quicker, and would draw like an electric dryer and likely require a dedicated circuit; and Level 3, 400-920 voltage, is the most powerful and can charge most vehicles in under an hour. 

A visit to the Norwood Drives Electric website should be at the top of the list when researching an electric vehicle purchase and/or home charging station. There are many rebates and grants available today for local residents. 

In addition to electric vehicle incentives, the light department also manages a conservation fund for heat pumps, solar panels, and other home energy saving alternatives. For those residents who have gas heating, the program is very similar to Mass Save. For more information, visit, click on Electric, then Energy Saving and Rebates.

Lastly, the town of Norwood is well known for many things, one of which is the AutoMile. When considering an electric vehicle purchase, lack of nearby choices is not an option. There are several car dealerships along Rte. 1 offering electric vehicle sales as well as charging stations (Norwood, Massachusetts EV Charging Stations Info | ChargeHub). A quick online search can get anyone connected quickly….or just take a ride through the infamous AutoMile!

With a Town-driven electric department, Norwood is in the perfect position to support and encourage energy-saving options to its residents. The only thing left, is education. For more information, visit the recommended websites or call Norwood Light Broadband at 781-948-1100.A second option for Norwood residents is to install a home charging station, which is the ‘Bring Your Own Charger’ program. There are 110 Norwood customers enrolled in this program and over the past year 33 rebates on newly purchased EV’s as well as chargers have been given.

According to NLB, the Town’s network can easily handle the voltage for EV charging stations, however, billing credits are given during off-peak home charging hours. Residents are encouraged to charge their vehicles overnight, but that encouragement is less about a strain on the system and more about costs. Daytime costs are a bigger expense to obtain the electricity.

Home charging is no doubt a big convenience, and while some lower level stations can be regulated to a regular outlet, that system runs the slowest charging time. There are three charging levels: Level 1, 120 volts, can utilize most outlets in