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Band Together School of Music – Making the World a Better Place, One Quarter Note at a Time

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Imagine being a mathematician, learning diligently how math works and attempting to solve the most complicated numerical problems, working with, and developing formulas, principles, and techniques, but then having nothing in the real world to apply that knowledge to. 


The same idea can apply to learning a musical instrument. According to Band Together founder Dylan DiChiara, putting context into the teaching of music is key. Not only learning an instrument, but how that instrument interacts with others, understanding where the music it is playing comes from, to make learning that instrument a more meaningful experience. This modern, holistic approach to teaching enables students to be their most creative.

“Nothing exists in a vacuum,” says DiChiara. “Learning how an instrument functions on its own is just a piece of the puzzle. With all of our teachers being multi-instrumentalists, we can not only help students learn at their own pace but show them how their instrument fits into the bigger picture. If a student is learning drums, why not bring in a bass guitar and play together?”

Dylan, who opened Band Together in May of 2023 after working as a music director for School of Rock and teaching home lessons for over a decade, also believes in helping learners understand the historical narrative of music. Each month they have different themes so that students aren’t just learning how to play different songs with their chosen instrument but understanding that there is a whole other side to that music artistically, stylistically, and culturally. For example, the history of funk music starting in 1940’s New Orleans and its evolution through time.

“We also have what we call a Listening Club. Our students are invited to attend monthly sessions where we choose an album to listen to together from beginning to end. No phones allowed – just listening and discussion about what we just heard. We have done this with about fifteen albums already, and we emphasize that listening is a primary skill which precedes playing an instrument. Developing focus and understanding musical spheres of influence are invaluable traits, and a great springboard for deep conversations. Students always leave wanting to know more,” Dylan shares.

Though some students come in with strong ideas of wanting to learn an instrument, the instructors at Band Together also can guide those who aren’t as certain about the direction they are hoping to go. 

“Music is very different commercially than it has been in the past,” says Dylan. “I might have someone come in who loves 90’s hip hop and wants to learn everything they can about playing music from that era and someone who comes in because they heard a song on TikTok and want to learn how to play that one song. Honoring their interests and meeting them where they are is what we believe in. We don’t aim to apply our own subjective values to our students, but validate theirs, because ultimately music is an art form. We support everyone’s individual expression.”

 In addition to privately instructing in guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard, drums, and ukulele, Band Together has group band and songwriting classes for all ages. Tiny Band for 5-7, Little Band for 6-11, Band for 12-17 and Adult Band for the biggest kids. 

“We’re all about community here. Though the ages for the bands are specific, we do offer private lessons to kids who are younger if they have the interest and support. Our older students often help with the little ones, developing their own teaching chops – it’s great to have non-adult role-models and mentors for those students too,” Dylan tells us.

The House Band is an advanced program for a hand selected group of Band students who show their dedication and desire for a bit more of a challenge. It is an additional weekly 2-hour rehearsal at no extra cost. The House Band performs publicly and there is a show coming up in the Spring where they will play the Beatle’s entire Abbey Road album.

“Again, we really believe in meeting every student exactly where they are, taking what interests them and expanding their potential from there,” says Dylan. “If you want to learn more about music and understand where it comes from, learn how the instrument functions alone and in the context of others, and have a comfortable place to express yourself – we are the place to be. We are all students here; we are not elitists – we just want music lovers to be successful, whatever that means to them.”

Try a free trial lesson and learn more about Learn more about Band Together and their offerings at They are located at 55 Rhoades Ave in East Walpole. You can also check out their Instagram and Facebook at @bandtogetherschool.