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Composting Made Easier!

By Michele Taranto
Start composting now!. The Town of Norwood is lending a helping hand to get Norwood residents started with their new, free curbside food composting pilot program. Interested parties can enroll with Norwood’s partner, Black Earth Compost, and begin recycling their scrap food through June 30, 2025. First pickup is scheduled for May 7.


Residents who register will receive a starter kit that includes a curbside bin, compostable bin liners, and an online account to manage the service. From then, simply collect food scraps and other organic materials and place the bin curbside weekly.
Lines are required for all bins to keep them clean and dry and prevent scraps from freezing to the bin in the winter and sticking to the bin in the summer. Liners are initially included in the starter kit, and later replenished with an online account or BPI, CMA, or TUV certified compostable bin or countertop container liners. Brown paper bags are also accepted when temperature is above freezing.
Only Norwood residents who participate in the town’s curbside trash and recycling collection are eligible for the program. If a residence does not have waste removal and recycling bins from the town contract with Waste Management, Inc., it is not eligible for the curbside pickup program. Not to fear, however, there are many free drop-off food scrap locations around town: the Winter Street Recycling Center, DPW Yard, and the Prescott School and Cleveland Schools. In fact, the drop-off option is open to all Norwood residents. For more information about eligibility, email the town at [email protected]
Refer to the list on this page to learn the variety of materials black Earth Compost accepts; many more than allowed in other backyard piles, such as food-soiled paper products and certified compostable serviceware. Once in their possession, the company mixes the material with leaves and sticks to turn into compost, that in turn returns to the garden. In spring, 2025, participants will receive a cubic foot bag of rich, finished compost!
“Diverting food waste from the waste stream and composting food as an alternative is a very effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Mark Ryan, Norwood’s Director of Public Works explained. “Our goal is to have a program that accelerates food composting on a scale that helps us reduce the amount of food waste that goes into weekly trash collection.” 
According to Robert Donnelly, vice chair of Norwood’s Board of Selectmen, in November, Town Meeting approved $150,000 to fund the pilot curbside food compost program for upwards of 500 residences. 
“I am very pleased that Norwood is able to offer this pilot program to encourage curbside food composting,” Selectman Donnelly said. “Norwood, like other municipalities in Massachusetts, is facing unprecedented increases in the cost of our solid waste removal. Diverting food waste is an important part of that effort. Norwood pays for waste removal by the ton, so programs that help reduce solid waste tonnage result in savings and they also benefit the environment.” 
To sign up for the pilot program, complete the Sign Up form on the Black Earth Compost website at,%20MA. You’ll also find more information on how to curbside compost.