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NOW HIRING - A Flexible Job Opportunity with Maria C. Levin P.C.


By: Jennifer Russo
Though the current unemployment rate in the United States remains below 5%, Bureau of Labor Statistics studies are showing that the job market today is still rather unpredictable and growng at a very slow pace. Many people are looking for solid career opportunities that also offer a good work/life balance. If you are currently looking for a role that is engaging, with a great team of people, but also offers a flexible schedule to maintain a high quality of life, look no futher. 
Maria Levin has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for over 30 years, specializing in tax and financial advisory services, from her office in Norwood. With an influx of new business and new clients knocking on her door, she is currently looking for an experienced tax accountant or two to help, ideally for 35 hours per week, and the salary will be dependent on the level of experience.
“We do have a lot of fun here. I believe you really need to love the environment that you are in, and when you like the work and people you are working with, it makes all the difference. Some people have been with me more than 20 years – this is a wonderful place to be,” says Maria.
Maria is looking for a team player with a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn. The team runs the gamut for income taxes, working with businesses and individuals on tax resolution, filing, debt, foreign tax, small business set up, QuickBooks®, and more. Tax season can be demanding, but Maria really believes in the team mentality.
“It’s not me or you – it’s us. We work together to get things done. Laws and rules regarding finances and taxes in Massachusetts do change from time to time, but we stay on top of everything and can train the right candidate(s) in anything they don’t already know. If you are a tax accountant who took some time off to raise a family or do other things, this might be the right fit for you too,” Maria shares.
Though many people do their own tax returns through online software options, there are things that often get missed, especially if a client is someone who has a business or other assets, has a child in college, or other factors. Having a CPA in your corner ensures that you are not spending more than you need to and that someone can walk you through the intricacies of state deductions, investments, and more so that taxes do not need to be amended and errors are not made.
“I really enjoy what I do. We have invested back into the business with innovative technology to support administrative functions and create the highest level of security for our customers. I love helping people get the most out of the work that they put in to create a happy and fulfilled life for themselves. This is true in helping people financially, but also for those who work with me,” explains Maria.
“We value family and relationships – we all need to work, but it’s more about that quality and balance. Family is first, always. This can be a full-time role or a part-time one. We can hire someone to work in the office or in a hybrid capacity. We are even pet friendly. What is most important to me when filling this role is finding someone who is highly collaborative, with an optimistic outlook, and is willing to put the effort in to be the best they can for our clients.”
If you are a tax accountant and think this might be the role for you, please reach out to Maria via e-mail to [email protected] or call (781) 769-2487 to discuss. Learn more about Maria and her practice on her website at