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Norwood - Local Town Pages

Norwood Town Election will be held April 4

by Bella Caggiano

The Town of Norwood will be holding its Town Election on Monday, April 4. There are many residents who are throwing their hat in the ring for an endorsement to serve the town in many municipal areas. This is the time for Norwood residents to make a difference in their local government, whether they are pleased with their officials or ready for a change in leadership.

The list below are Norwood government officials running to fill vacant seats. 

SELECTMEN: (Two) 3-Year Seats

Allan D. Howard

Robert G. Donnelly

Amanda Grow

TOWN MODERATOR: (One) 1-Year Seat

Gerri S. Slater


Carolyn Riccardi


Joan E. Giblin

Michael S. Condon

Kathleen J. Sibbing-Dunn

Tylor Joseph Tourville

Mark J. Whouley


Anne Marie Haley

Alan D. Slater


To fill a vacancy

Myev A. Bodenhofer


Sheri A. McLeish

Donna R. Montgomery


Brian R. Hachey

CONSTABLE (One) 3-year seat

James A. Perry


Shall the Town of Norwood be allowed to exempt from the provisions of Proposition two-and-one-half, so called, the amounts required to pay for the bonds issued in order to pay the costs of construction, demolition, equipment, furnishings, site work, testing, professional services, including design and engineering, and relocation costs at the New Coakley Middle School Project located at 1315 Washington Street, Norwood, MA 02062.


District One

Robert J. Blood

George T. Curtis, Jr.

Doris J. Dickson

Robert J. Ferrini

Eric J. Henry

Barbara Jeanne Hopcroft

Joan M. Jacobs

Katherine M. Kalliel

Richard M. Morrison

Amy O’Keefe

William J. Plasko

Cashman Kerr Prince

Richard M. Shay

Kathleen J. Sibbing-Dunn

Carol J. Thornton

Michael J. Thornton, Jr.

Mary J. Wesley

Rebecca Flynn

Francis J. Hopcroft

Meaghan Merrigan Kowalski

Stephen Thomas Rogers

Jordan C. Tacher

District Two

Catherine M. Barnicle

Brian J. Clark

Rebecca C. Deeks

Joseph DiMaria

Dennis P. Doherty

John Philip Fanning

Jennifer J. Gorman

Sarah Griffin

Matthew R. Guienen

Stephen F. Keefe

Angela Rose Marenghi

Shirley Ann Marenghi

Patrick T. Moloney

Katie C. Neal-Rizzo

Martin J. O’Brien

Sarah N. Quinn

Carolyn Ann Rocklen

Joseph F. Sheehan

F. Gordon Smith

Joseph r. Ziska

Steven P. Boudreau

Christopher P. Griffin

Christopher P. Griffin, Jr.

Scott Damien Maffei

Stephen J. Trovato

James R. West

District Three

Suzanne E. Bartlett

James Donald Bowers

David Raymond Catania

Amy J. Dee

George H. Durante

Paul Eysie

Paula E. Gorin

Jennifer P. Harty

Judith A. Howard

Edward M. Lynch, Jr.

William M. Naumann

Cecilia A. O’Keeffe

Christopher C. Randall

Linda B. Rau

Patterson A. Riley, Jr.

Lynne Roberts

Linda M. Thomas

Julie Ann Barbour-Issa

John Joseph Cianciarulo

Colleen M. DiBlasi

Joseph G. DiBlasi

Thomas J. McQuaid

Monica Phillips Young

Nora B. Zaldivar

District Four

Stephen R. Brody

Charles D. Burgess, Jr.

Kimberly J. Butters

Michael K. Ganley

Patrick T. Gearty

Anne Marie Haley

Adam J. Hsu

Michele M. Hsu

Richard G. Kelly

Denise D. Kiley

Willard Krasnow

Gerald F. Miller

Paul E. Needham

Cecilia Regan

Joseph Paul Sarno

Alan D. Slater

Gerri S. Slater

Amy E. Sobchuk

Teresa Marie Stewart

Brianna Mae Whelan

David Hern, Jr.

Justin S. Hitchcock

Christopher R. Jordan

Peter T. McFarland

District Five

Joseph S. Barrett

Michael Cunyuan Chen

Rachel E.D. Churchill

Robert G. Donnelly

Antoinette M. Eosco

Steven J. Eosco

Mark Paul Joseph

Matthew E. Lane

Karen A. Meier

Kellie Noumi

Jane Ellen Phalen

Carl E. Smith, Jr.

Jody M. Smith

Michelle St. Pierre

Cynthis J. Wong-Shaughnessy

District Six

Patricia A. Bailey

Susan A. Davis

Helen Abdallah Donohue

David A. Floyd

Irene Gotovich

Joseph P. Greeley

Thomas J. Guiod

John Raymond Hall, Jr.

Emily F. Hoadley

Sharon F. Lephew

John W. McTernan

Donna R. Montgomery

Edmund W. Mulvehill, Jr.

Michael J. Nemeskal

Matthew J. Shanahan

Kevin J. Shaughnessy

David J. Tuttle

Mark J. Whouley

Alyssa Rae Abrams

Sarah Elizabeth Aprea

Cheryl Lynn Doyle

Courtney A. Rau-Rogers

Christopher J. Rogers

District Seven

Dominic Bartucca

John J. Colamaria

Martha E. Colamaria

Kevin Connolly

Sarah B. Cullen

Christian J. Dauphinee

Michael Eugene Dooley

Robyn Elizabeth Gilchrist

Elizabeth Hestad

Patrick T. Lane

Edward P. Lynch

Benjamin Alton Moser

Sean Mulcahy

David P. Ruggiero

Shaela T. Welch

Sarah Bouchard

Nicholas Grow

Angela D. MacLean

District Eight

Mary L. Cantarow

John P. Collins

Edward Ferris

Neil J. Flynn

Natalie S. Flynn-Schofield

Vincent Fruci

Maria Henry

James Anthony Johnston

Judith A. Langone

Carolyn G. MacLeay

Dennis P. mawn

Anne Marie Mazzola

Patricia J. Monahan

Kevin M. Reilly

John D. Salute

Sandra L. Sansone

Gerard A. Shea

Jean Ferrara Taylor

John E. Taylor

Rachael Delia Webber

Michael Francis Jordan, Jr.

District Nine

Frank Patrick Adams

Kathryn Ahnger-Pier

Erik P. Bodenhofer

Myev A. Bodenhofer

Catherine M. Button

Jeanne M. Chambers

Tracy A. Deshiro

James M. Flanagan

Paula L. Flanagan

Eric W. Fleming

George J. Hawley

Jennifer A. Londergan

Maria C. Lopez

Ernest Paciorkowski

Michelle Pizzi O’Brien

Amanda R. Roffi

Michael T. Sheehan

Jamie K. Singelais

Sarah E. Sullivan

Nancy Ann Walenten

Jeffrey T. Weidenaar

Joseph M. White

Town Meeting members will be listed on individual District ballots.

You must be a registered voter to participate in Norwood’s election.

Polling Locations

Poles will be open 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

District 1  Oldham School  Prospect Street 

District 2 Oldham School Prospect Street

District 3  Civic Center Nahatan Street 

District 4  Cleveland School  Nichols Street

District 5 Civic Center Nahatan Street 

District 6  Balch School Washington Street, South Norwood 

District 7 Balch School Washington Street, South Norwood 

District 8 Callahan School Garfield Ave

District 9 Prescott School  Richland Street